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CombInatorial optiMizAtion and inTelligent sYstems Group (CIMITY)

Combinatorial Optimization And Intelligent Systems  is an extensive research area that has as a purpose to develop intelligent systems using Combinatorial Optimization Methods. The research group CIMITY work in this area for developing efficient solution to problems of industry, government and commercial sectors.


Among the  approaches developed in CIMITY we have:

Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Programming.

Simulated Annealing

Tabu Search

Ant Systems and Learning Systems

Classical Deterministic Optimization Methods from Mathematical Programming (Simplex, Gradient and other Hill Climbing Methods (such as Hooke and Jeeves searches)

              Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines.


For most of the practical problems a unique method is not enough to get adequate solutions in an reasonable execution time, but usually two or more approaches  are quite needed. CIMITY develop hybrid optimization methods able to be applied in practical problems in an efficient  way.  In this site you will find the current work of CIMITY concerned with:

Application Optimization  Areas

Kind of Methods



Senior Researchers

Dr. Juan Frausto-Solis (Head of the group)

Dr.  Jaime Mora  Vargas

Dr. Neil Hernandez

Dr.  Fernando Ramos-Quintana

Dr.  Miguel Gonzalez Mendoza

Dr.  Hector Sanvicente Sánchez


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